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Professional Choice

At Faccini we understand that for any professional welder, making the right choice of filler material can improve your productivity, efficiency and profits.

Faccini design high quality MIG and TIG wires for a variety of applications from regular carbon steel welding through to SG3 mig wire for automated welding processes.

Quality Assurance

Global Distribution

Welcome to Faccini WeldingSuppliers of High Quality Welding Filler Materials

As a leading brand of  welding wire, Faccini offers its users high quality, whilst making consistency a priority. Whatever your choice of wire, our customer satisfaction guarantee gives you peace of mind.

All of our wires are manufactured under controlled conditions and comply with the strictest industry regulators.

Our reputation for reliability doesn’t stop with our wire. At Faccini we aim to distribute our products quickly and efficiently from our own distribution facility in the heart of Europe.

This ensures that all customers receive the same outstanding level of world-class service and knowledge regardless of their location

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